Sokushinbutsu (self mummification )

One of the craziest things i have ever come across the fucked up science of self mummification its a long process that takes around 9 years of starving themselves to the point of 0 % body fat,they even drink a poison that works like  embalming fluid to further dry themselves up from the inside because less body fat the least likely chance of decomposing ,but thats not all they are then put underground in a tomb with just a breathing tube for oxygen,they also have a bell to ring to let people know they are still alive an after the bell no longer rings they will remove the breathing tube and cover the hole up completely to then be reoponed a 1000 days later . Out of hundreds of attempts only 24  have ever been found to of successfully mummified themselves alive

skip to part 4 minutes 45 seconds for the sokushinbutsu




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